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Urban Farm

Kitsap County

We grow microgreens in a climate-controlled environment using filtered water, sustainable Coco Coir, all-natural micronutrients, and BPA-free growing trays.  We use an energy-saving app to control humidity, temperature, and the LED lights. The only chemical ever used is food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a diluted form.  It is used to prevent mold during the sprouting phase and as a sanitizer for all supplies.  Organic seeds are always selected whenever there is a choice.

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We now deliver to eight different zip code areas here in Kitsap County. 

After you place an order just set out a cooler on your doorstep.  We'll confirm your order and send you an email with your delivery information.  

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We also distribute through both Kitsap Fresh and Fresh Food Revolution.  

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Our Packaging is

Environmentally Friendly

100 % Compostable 

We use containers that are made from PLA, which is derived from plants. Even though they are as light and strong as plastic, they fully break down when composted. Our deli containers are eco-friendly, freezer safe, and suitable for cold foods. Great for Microgreens!  For more information visit our supplier's website here

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