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What’s so great about microgreens?

My heart skips a beat when I get asked this question. I feel myself light up when I get to talk about what makes them so special. There’s nothing better than eating a meal full of food that you grew and cultivated. Combine that with the knowledge of said food to contain up to 100 times the micronutrients provided by their fully matured counterparts and you might just say, “life changing”!

After a seed is germinated all the nutrients it needs to grow are there. This is when photosynthesis kicks in, the first leaves have sprouted, and are at maximum nutrient level. We really should be talking about the fantastic flavor you find in them but, that is for a different blog.

Our greens are grown with a love and gratitude for life which I hope to capture with every harvest. When I seal them in their vegetable based packaging I celebrate the circle of life.

So, there you are, pesticid free, sustainable, local ethically grown and sourced!

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